Jazz in the Loft: MPack – SOPAC


MPack brings explosive energy to the stage, guaranteed to rock the house all night long!


MPack is a band, a brand, and a musical production enterprise,

consisting of multiple elements in an ever evolving flow. It is the
musical brainchild of bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, drummer and
vocalist Clarence Conover ‘Groove Master’ Conover. He’s the
founder, and CEO of M-Pack Music productions whose motto is
“Life Changing Sounds”.
This cross-genre musician is creatively talented and has gathered
other likeminded musicians and vocalists— Brett Calder (guitarist
& vocalist), Gordan Lane (drummer) and Patricia Walton
(vocalist) & special guest Glenn Merritt (pianist/keyboardist) to
create this musical phenomenon known as MPack.
MPack Music

Get your groove on at the Jazz & Blues in the Loft concert series! Hear world-class musicians and vocalists from the region in a cabaret-style setting. Cash bar and snack concessions available.

Published by Gregory Burrus

Live Music Ambassador, Producer and Promoter - Gregory’s passion is making live music come alive for all of us to enjoy - Gregory Burrus is our local live music ambassador and community partner that curates, manages, promotes and documents our South Orange Downtown After Sundown Live Music Concerts, the South Orange 24 Hours of Music Festival, the South Orange Farmers Market Jazz Jam including curating performers for the SOPAC South Orange Performing Arts Center (SOPAC) Playing Around South Orange Pianos Project along with booking bands at many other local Essex County venues.

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