2022 -Mental Health Association in New Jersey Interviews Gregory Burrus on Why The Show Must Go On

By Gregory Burrus | Posted Friday, April 22, 2022

On April 11th, the Mental Health Association in New Jersey held their weekly mental health improvement webinar. It’s a weekly show held via Zoom with a special guest from all over the Northeast and beyond. Lynette Sheard of the Mental Health Association in New Jersey Interviewed me for the show titled “Why the Show Must Go On… Creativity and Your Mental Health.”

Interview Announcement Gregory Burrus – Why the Show Must Go On.

The show focuses on people, their mental health, and why the show, our lives must continue on. The show is designed to encourage, inspire and support our creative communities.  

The Format of the Show consisted of:

  • Welcome introduction to the Mental Health Association in New Jersey (MHANJ) program and the interviewer Lynette Sheard. 
  • Introduction to today’s program special guest.
  • Question and answer session with the special guest.
  • Special guest final thoughts

Interview – Gregory Burrus – Why The Show Must Go On by Mental Health Association in New Jersey’s Director Lynette Sheard.

The interview proceeded through my background and the following slides as I provided answers. Take a listen. 

New York City Phase 

National / International Phase 

Community / Live Music Phase

I was asked, “What is your why and how regarding pursuing your creativity?”

In summary, after many years of working in corporate America, I found myself saying it’s time to move on. And the following were my takeaways and how I have and still am maintaining my mental health.

Mental Lessons Learned: 

  • Do what appeals to you no matter who you work for or are working with.
  • Be creative in how you work, travel and make time to see it all.  
  • When the little bell goes off inside your head that says it’s time for a change — explore it deeply.
  • Listen to lots of music to relax you. 

My Final Thoughts

I was asked for a final thought or words of wisdom, advice, recipes, tips, etc. I was free to prepare a song, poem, one minute or less:

Find a Job you love and never work a day in your life again.

About the Writer Gregory Burrus

I’m in my happy place after a fabulous swinging live music performance with the band.

Gregory Burrus is a local live music ambassador, event planner, live music ambassador and community partner that curates, manages and promotes live music events in the local Northern NJ and New York Area.

Gregory Burrus sits on a number of local boards and committees and is currently serving as a Board Member of Maplewood Community Music and is a Board Member of Harlem World Magazine Advisory Board. 

Year-round Gregory Burrus also curates, books and produces: the Jazz973 live music jazz series at Clements Place Jazz for the Rutgers University Institute of Jazz Studies,  the Jazzy Nights Live Music performances, Cranford NJ Summer Sounds.

In addition to producing events, Gregory Burrus Productions also showcases, photographs, and videotapes events annually such as the annual NYC John Jay College Friends of Myrna Bain Scholarship Fundraiser, the Orange NJ Farmers Market, numerous local bands at various local venues.  Gregory Burrus has a passion for making live music happen anywhere and everywhere he can whether locally around town or around the world while living life every day to the fullest. Learn more at: Gregory BurrusGregory Burrus Live Music Ambassador    

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