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2021 Gregory Burrus Production Year In Review

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Over 46 events produced 586 programming hours in 2021

2021 What a fabulous, poignant, reflective year?  In the beginning we thought about it being a year of restart, recovery and renewal. I think we all lost some family, friends and in our case some fabulous musicians. Unfortunately the losses continued so definitely a challenging year and we all found a way to live again. For us the listeners, a live music concert is a pleasurable social event that is among the most visceral and memorable forms of musical engagement. It’s the same for the musicians with the added note that for many it’s not a side business, it’s their lifeblood and the thing that keeps them alive. With that in mind we soldered on thru the year making music and great memories.

Enjoy 2021 Year End Pictorial Recap

January 2021





June, July, August

August Annuals

Too many performers to mention here so click a link above and note that we did live stream most of these performances and depending on your choice of platform, you can relive these live music concerts at these links.



On the Community Support

We honored to be selected to produce Behind Closed Doors – Domestic Violence Project Part 2



Of course along the way we conducted a number of private events. For all venues and artists we continued producing and promoting live music events on various platforms and towns.

Venues Around Our Towns

This year consisted of multiple live music events, sometimes on the same day, conducted across multiple towns like South Orange, Newark, Cranford, Maplewood, City of Orange, Westfield, West Orange, Montclair and more. You can read more here.

Videography – Livestream

We documented these events via video and live streamed them on multiple platforms such as youtube, facebook, twitch and websites. You can read more below:

In The News

In addition, we continue to provide additional artists promotions via articles on local news sites, TAPinto Arts and Entertainment, Patch SOMA, Newsrecord and and blog posts across New Jersey via JerseyIndie and JerseyNYC. (search gregory burrus)

Across Social Media

As we move through another year of unknowns, while we run through another – are we inside or outside life, please continue to stay in touch with all our live music events. We are programming events for 2022 so check out the links and signup to know when we will go live again.  

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Stay Connected. 

Thank you again for joining us on this live music journey. 

Ready for 2022

About Gregory Burrus

Photographer – Patrick Hilaire @L1stener

Gregory Burrus spends his time as a  Live Music Producer, Promoter, Videographer, Photojournalist, Arts and Entertainment Writer, Blogger, Business Reviewer, and Community Events Reporter. Gregory develops, manages, promotes and documents live music programs in the Greater New Jersey and New York Area.

2021 Gregory Burrus Production Year In Review

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