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Welcome to South Orange Summer Saturdays

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Your event for the date we discussed is approved and

Events are listed at

South Orange Village Center

Gregory Burrus Productions Schedule

Here’s the details you need: 

Formal Event Name: “South Orange Summer Saturdays ” or  “Summer Saturdays”

Promotions: you are free to release the Hounds and start telling your fans to come on out

Facebook / Instagram Tagging: Please tag me as “Gregory Burrus productions” “sovillagecenter”

Hashtags #SOSS #SOVCA #gregoryburrusproductions #southorangevillage

Payment: Via Paypal on the Monday Morning after your Saturday Performance Free to get on the web (Get a free debit card at same time. Hence you can go to any bank and withdraw $ from the account. )

Evening Event Start time: As we agreed upon 

Break Time: 2 Hour event so no more than 15 minutes but up to you.  

Main Stage Name: Spiotta Park, The Order, Jackie and Son, etc

Load In : The Stage is available and open for load in anytime

Equipment : We supply Power – so please bring all equipment including power strips.

Rest Rooms: Rests near by Starbucks, The Fox and Falcon., Miti Miti or Duncan Donuts, BGR Burger

Videos/Photography – Expect photographers, videographers’ to be out in full force as they love our events. You might even see some drones overhead. We record events and share with you.

Audience Costs: Free

Audience Notes:  Fans are welcome to patronize restaurants..   Don’t forget to tell your friends to bring a chair if they are not going to a restaurant. 

My Phone: 8622057660

Contact Method: In order o f Fastest Response – FB Msg, Text Msg, Email, Phone

Rain Dates : At this moment we don’t have one. (I am in negotiation to use the Sunday After your date)

Questions: Ask away

Thanks Again 

Gregory Burrus

Gregory Burrus
Gregory Burrus Around Town Productions
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