Jazz Appreciation Month Apr 10th – Carrie Jackson Cafe Carol Old Fashioned Jazz Jam 20170620

Welcome to the Coronavirus Social Distancing Listening Series – Put together to help our musicians, fans and the community stay connected since we can’t be around each other in person. Today in honor of Jazz Appreciation Month – Well once a upon a time back in the day there was a fantastic jam in Newark at a place called Cafe Carol on James Street led by Carrie Jackson and it was slamming every single time. Folks came out the woodwork to attend and perform. Good times for sure please enjoy.

Cafe Carol Old Fashioned Jazz Jam led by Jazz Vocalist Carrie Jackson in 2017

Jazz Jamming at Cafe Carol Jam Session in Newark NJ Smoking hit!!!! Charlie Sigler on guitar, Carlos Frias on drums , Radam Schwartz on organ ….. Peter Lin Trombone

2:13 of fun

Radam Schwartz Organ Charlie Sigler Guitar Don Williams Drums Peter Lin Trombone

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