Zoom Training 3

Time To Meet – Ok Lets get started with using the Zoom Conference Program. Zoom combines HD video conferencing, online business meetings, webinars, and mobile capabilities into one collaborative solution. Read more about Benefits of Zoom video conferencing

As it’s suddenly become a go-to tool for millions of business users, it has also become a lifeline of sorts for professional and amateur artists and performers looking to be seen and heard outside the walls of their homes. And whether they’re writing plays, building puppets, or just singing karaoke between business calls, it’s helpful that they or someone they know is likely already familiar with the tool from an office-oriented day job. Read more about advantageous of zoom


Index of Training

Zoom Training 1 Overview, Plans and Pricing, Side Gigs

Zoom Training 2 Setting Up Zoom to Use for You

Zoom Training 3 Creating Meetings and Webinars

Zoom Training 4 Scheduling, Managing, Editing and Transcribing

Zoom Training 5 Integrations

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