Need to Change Your Mind to Deal with this new Coronavirus Social Distancing Lifestyle

Has Coronavirus slowed your dream of being the CEO of a your own Fortune 500 company?  Have you wanted to buy that new home you’ve dreamed of for so many years? Almost graduated college but not sure if when you graduating. Yea even the most solid, consistent guaranteed path to success or at least the next steps in your life have gone off track, way off track. 

 Now you have to define exactly what is your idea of success? In this Coronavirus times you have to step it up a notch because success is still following your passion, it’s just a much more difficult path. Look at it as a few more unknown obstacles in your path that may slow you down but should not stop you from achieving your goals. Pursuing your passions means changing your mind in order to succeed in your life.

Passion Drives Focus

In normal times, if you have not decided what you will do and what your life will be then someone else will decide for you. Now if you don’t take back control you are letting this Coronavirus situation decide your life. So it’s still up to you to determine and further define what your passions are and how your redefined passions in light of the new social distancing environments will lead you to your new model of success. It cannot be based on any judgment other than your own because we are all responding and reacting to to this new world in many different ways. So head back to the definition stage of your life’s plan and ensure your lifestyle plan is solid.

What’s Your Definition of Success?

Success may be something material, such as money or a new home. It could be something egotistical, as the power and notoriety that comes with the position of CEO. It could be emotional, such as finding love and commitment. Success may even be unselfish and altruistic, as seeing children in third world countries healthy and safe. If you got this far, then success planning has shown you that success has no particular name or identity or predefined path. Today’s crazy environment has shown us that plans defined will change so make sure you redevelop a solid plan that takes in account the good things of your past plan and adapt it to all the new Coronavirus circumstances that we have all recently encountered.

Success Is In the Journey

All successful people, however, have one thing in common – they act so you have taken the time to redefine your success and adapt to our new and still changing social distancing environments. Now the next step in taking action is to turn your plan into action and as in the past the action ensures some measure of success in your journey. Because you will find out that the journey is the most important part of all. The journey is what you do when you move, grow, and build yourself and change your lifestyle to grow your lifestyle and your business. How you execute the journey as we know will have difficulties. The key to a successful journey as we stated is to change your mind before and now adapt as you go throughout the journey. When success is mandatory today then you owe it to yourself to follow a systematic process

Success Requires a Blueprint

Think about what it takes to build a building successfully. The people who build a building are not necessarily schooled in construction or architecture of a building. Usually the brick layer knows how to lay bricks and the electrician puts the wires in the wall and the glass maker fills in the holes in the wall. Individually they are all great, but none of them are builders of buildings by themselves. This has been true for the 7 wonders of the world and is still true today. Did you have a team help you in development of your initial lifestyle goals. With all the new pressures and requirements of today, would coaching or advice from others help. Defining the blueprint of moving your life forward is no easy task seek out help if needed.

Change Your Mind Change Your Life

Finding your passion, defining it, turning it into a plan, building blueprint all require you to adapt your thinking. So don’t put the burden of your success on yourself and try to do it all. Because when you change your mind it will force a change of life. Follow someone who has changed their life, think like them but be you. Follow their lead but use your mind to follow your passion to make it your own.

Find out more about your options for moving forward in these stressful time today

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