BHM 11 – The Fisk Jubilee Singers: Perform the Spirituals and Save Their University

Black History Month Celebration #11 – In honor of The Fisk Jubilee Singers: Perform the Spirituals and Save Their University. This series will cover current and historical Black Figures, events, activities, plus and of course music related if possible. We should remember and not lose what we accomplished. Enjoy Black History Month

Be Woke Presents Black History in Two Minutes (or so)

Our History

Fisk University opened in Nashville in 1866 as the first American university to offer a liberal arts education to “young men and women irrespective of color.” Five years later the school was in dire financial straits.

George L. White, Fisk treasurer and music professor then, created a nine-member choral ensemble of students and took it on tour to earn money for the University. The group left campus on October 6, 1871. Jubilee Day is celebrated annually on October 6 to commemorate this historic day.

About The Fisk Jubilee Singers®

The Fisk Jubilee Singers are vocal artists and students at Fisk University in Nashville, TN., who sing and travel worldwide.

The original Fisk Jubilee Singers introduced ‘slave songs’ to the world in 1871 and were instrumental in preserving this unique American musical tradition known today as Negro spirituals.

They broke racial barriers in the US and abroad in the late 19th century and entertained Kings and Queens in Europe. At the same time, they raised money in support of their beloved school.

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