Manuela Zapata Arbeláez – Singer

Manuela Zapata Arbeláez – the Singer, with an impressive repertoire encompassing Jazz, Latin, and Portuguese music, is ready to take the NJ and NY live music scene by storm.

Manuela Zapata Arbeláez – Singer

Originally from Cartago, Columbia, Manuela has exhibited her musical prowess at various venues and festivals across her home country. Manuela has performed three years in a row at the national and international festival “familias que cantan”, also at the Festival “Pedro Morales Pino” Parque arte in Cartago Universidad tecnológica de Pereira Rayo Museum and the La fiesta de la música at Pereira Festival de la neblina at Versalles along with other local venues in and around Columbia, South America such as Mercado El Virrey.

Manuela’s music career has taken flight and she has journeyed to America, where she has captivated audiences at top venues across the greater New York, New Jersey area such as Paramus NJ Eddie’s V Prime Seafood, Brightside Tavern and Jersey City’s Moore’s Lounge jazz jam run by renowned drummer Winard Harper.

More recently her talent has propelled her to perform at even more renowned locations like the widely popular Clements Place Jazz, run by the prestigious Rutgers Institute of Jazz Studies’.

Her multitalented skills and her internal motivation to strive for the best will make Manuela’s star shine brighter than ever as a serious vocalist on the Greater New York and New Jersey live music scene.

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