24 Hours of Music Jamboree Sessions Replay 6 – 6/14/2020

Hello all The previously announced replay of 24 Hours of Music Jamboree Replay continues tonight on Facebook, YouTube.plus other networks 6/14/2020 at 7 PM. Tonight we cover musicians from Japan and South Korea – Marshall McDonald, Kumiko Tunaka and Seyeon Chang. We start at 7 PM Sunday thru Thursday. Stay tuned and please join us….

11 best Zoom tricks you’ll wish you knew sooner

Zoom has become the reigning champion of quarantine communication. There has been a slew of security issues with Zoom. Don’t think for a moment this does not apply to you. Tap or click here for four essential Zoom security settings you should set now. One of the most important is protecting the privacy of your meetings….

Zoom Training 4

And, for now, as the pandemic continues to isolate people, it’s likely that artists will continue to find ways to create, collaborate, and share their work across the internet, predicts Theatre Unleashed’s Crafts. “I think we’re going to see technology used in all different ways because no matter what, the art goes on, even in…