The Jazz Exchange Helping Out Musicians as the World Goes Crazy with the Corona Virus

Because We Are All In This Together Surviving Corona-virus via Social Distancing is a Must

People may not realize how much worldwide social interaction there is across the globe but we surely do now. Here in Northern Jersey, it’s a dramatic change because as a musician, one day you are practicing and playing with a 50 piece Concert Big Band or travelling and hitting the live music circuit every night internationally and nationally. Locally your travels may have you hitting and performing at different venues sometimes 3 or 4 times in a day. All of a sudden the next day everything shuts down – literally. No plane trips, no bus rides, no joint car rides, nothing, nada.

Enter Social Distancing

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NOW it’s all about social distancing which is driving stay at home and maybe work from home if you can but we all know that the bills and expenses keep coming in the door but the revenue stream has stopped. While this is all of a sudden, the realities of the day because folks are losing jobs and unemployment is headed thru the roof which reminds us we are all in this together.

Musicians Helping Musicians

Abel Mireles Quintet with Candice Reyes at Jazz973 - Copy

Founders Candice Reyes and Abel Mireles are supporting local North Jersey and NYC full-time and part-time jazz artists with The Jazz Exchange Relief Fund! Their website states Due to the COVID-19 we are raising money to support  artists who are taking a huge financial hit because of this pandemic. Because of COVID-19 a lot of their performances, tours, teaching gigs, lessons and more have all been cancelled. The Jazz Exchange would like to raise funds to provide emergency and preventative resources to those at financial risk.”

The Jazz Exchange Relief Fund!

The primary purpose is that The Jazz Exchange seeks to provide support to full-time or part-time jazz artists whose livelihoods are being affected by this pandemic in NYC/NJ.  The program states that upon musician application depending on the state of our funds will receive some financial help. Funds will go directly to the artists to counter any lost income incurred as a result of cancelled jobs, gigs, and illnesses due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the city. 

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Funds will be distributed through written check that will be mailed to you directly or through digital payment such as Venmo or PayPal. Applicants should note there is a prioritization process that for the most at-risk and in need at the time of application. And yes the Jazz Exchange is aware that there will be a high volume of musicians who will be affected by COVID-19 and if they do not have enough funds they will close the application. Jazz artists apply here Fundraiser by The Jazz Exchange : The Jazz Exchange Relief Fund. I highly recommend you help their cause, which helps us all as I know they are truly committed to the music and the long term cause.

Because We Are All In This Together”

Suriving Corona One World Merry Goround 2 23 big

Despite our differences we are all going around on this one world merry go-round together, I highly recommend you share and support these local musicians helping musicians.  As I wrote in another article “Surviving Coronavirus Social Distancing Because We Are All In This Together” the only way we flatten the curve is for us to join together. The Jazz Exchange Relief Fund is focused on the aspect of financial hardship but we all know there  also a major mental hardship which I will address in another piece also but we will all survive by helping each other.

Please reach and give what you can. The Jazz Exchange Relief Fund

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