Jazz Appreciation Month Apr 1 – The Rudyck Vidal | Latin Jazz Quartet | Corcovado

Welcome to the Coronavirus Social Distancing Series Produced by Gregory Burrus Around Town. Put together to help our musicians and fans stay connected since we cant be there in person. Enjoy All. Tonight we are enjoying Jazz973 at Clements Place Jazz.
Well for April 1st in honor of Jazz Appreciation Month – we start off with Yardbird Entertainment presenting Rudyck Vidal‘s Latin Jazz Quartet. Thanks for joining me in my imagination as we all get our wine from Hugh Xavior Williams and Wayne Winborne is pouring drinks and telling a really funny joke at the bar. Click, Listen, Enjoy

Tonight Featuring:

Marilyn Castillo – Vocals

Ahmed Alom – Piano,

Ismael Baiz – Drums

Rudyck Vidal – Bass

Song:: Corcovado by Antonio Carlos Jobim Rudyck Vidal and Marilyn Castillo.


And yes amazing how they are in Clements Place tonight! Please enjoy much more to come. And please everyone stay safe for whenever we open again. I’ll post more when I can. Don’t forget to tip Hugh. Oh yeah please clap, cheer, comment scream and definitely dance on the bar. Wayne cant stop us.

Here’s what would have been my introduction 🙂


Rudyck Vidal is a Mexican-Cuban bass player who currently lives in New YorkCity. Rudyck’s versatile playing includes genres; from traditional folkloric Mexican music, traditional music from Colombia, Peru, Cuba, jazz, classical, flamenco, and pop music.

Rudyck has shared the stage with musicians like Giovanni Hidalgo, Osmany Paredes, Miguel Valdez, David Sánchez, Iván “Melón” Lewis, José “Pepito” Gómez, Ari Hoenig, Axel Tosca, Nir Felder, Sinuhe Padilla, Franco Pinna, Mireya Ramos, Ismael Fernandez, Samuel Torres, Jimmy Bosch, Marvin Diaz, Christopher Crenshaw, Jason Palmer, Francisco Mela, Bobby Sanabria, Janne Bunnet, Hector Martignon, Mino Dominique Cinelu, Jimmy Bosch, Christos Rafalides, Bill Ware, Rudy Bird, Felipe Fournier, Los Villalobos Brothers, Xiomana Laugart, Oriente López, Arturo Ortiz, Israel Varela just to mention some.

In a quest to find a fulfilling musical project that involved the different music genres Rudyck likes listening to and playing he created Adderesound, where he works as musical director, composer, and bass player. He is currently producing their second album from which songs were featured in a special collaboration with Little Cinema for the 2019 Frida Kahlo exposition at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Now in his quartet he has gathered outstanding musicians that along with Rudyck excel in playing Afro Caribbean music and Latin Jazz, bringing original compositions influenced by great living legends of Afro Latin Jazz from Cuba and Puerto Rico as well as arrangements of famous timeless boleros, cha cha chas, rumba, salsa, bossa nova and sambas that are known worldwide.

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