Local Resident Allison v. Brown Holds Outstanding Photography Exhibit at New Elitist Coffee Location

Photography regardless of who takes the image can certainly evoke a number of emotions as you review the image. Local South Orange  resident has understood this concept and for years has always carried his camera at his side exploring, viewing and capturing life as he sees it. “Whenever and wherever I travel, I always keep my camera at my side. And through the photographic image, I preserve not only the visual memories of people and places, but also the emotions experienced and observed.” After many years he decided to hold an exhibition of some of what he has experienced and captured and luckily for us is sharing it with us all. 

Photography Reception and Artist Reception – Allison V Brown

The event held Sunday October 30 titled “Seeing With New Eyes by Allison V. Brown” was a beautiful exhibition with a clear homage to a beautiful person and close friend Suzzanne Douglas (RIP 2021). As stated in May of 2021 by Allison – “Suzzanne Douglas, you were not only my friend, you were my muse, my inspiration. The times we were able to spend together were always unbelievable.“ Suzzanne Douglass was also a friend of many of us in the community so it was very nice to see her spirit being honored in this manner.

Exhibition – Seeing With New Eyes

The exhibit contained a number of landscape and portrait photographs depicting how Allison sees life through the eyes of the photographer. For the exhibit Allison stated “ My photographs are composed to capture the elusive view, the angle of light, the hidden colors, the time of day, the thought and feelings experienced, that, while always there, are often overlooked or forgotten. It was along this journey that I discovered a passion for high dynamic range (HDR) imagery.  This process allows me to capture greater intensity of detail, color, and light.” The images were clearly reflective of his process.

 The Live Music Performance

The live music was exemplary, featuring the Gerry Brown Trio. Gerry Brown  was Stevie Wonder’s drummer for 14 years, drummer on Stanley Clarke’s “School Days”,  ex-member of Chick Corea’s iconic world renown tune “Return To Forever”, Larry Coryell’s The Eleventh House with John Lee,  Kool and the Gang and is currently touring with Diana Ross. Joining Gerry was local musician friends Rob Stephens on Piano and Gregory M. Jones on Bass. Sitting in was local musicians Lynette Sheard, Jevon E. Thompson and yes our very own Allison V. Brown on drums. Together they all helped deliver a warm, strong, wonderful afternoon of live music and an engaging community vibe. Everyone in attendance clearly had a great time.

Elitist Coffee Cafe

After a long protracted shutdown and battles with COVID, the authorities, etc, Elitist Coffee has finally re-opened. In their new location, at the corner of Valley Street and 3rd Street, the coffee cafe has a wonderful new home. The owners are very happy that folks are enjoying the environment as a coffee shop and today it was transformed into an exhibition space.The new 

Elitist environment, as folks found out, is spectacular with floor to ceiling windows, great views of local activity, lovely sunsets right outside the window, great lighting, good food, good service and of course great coffee. It’s a very inviting place that you want to stop in whenever you can. 

Congratulations again to the very talented Allison V Brown. 

Allison sums up his photography as: The peaceful walk along the river’s edge; the glow and embracing warmth of the awakening and setting the sun; the Magic of the wonderland brought about by winter snow; the conversation between an artist and their audience; these are the images that fill me with a calm, lasting excitement, captured forever. “ 

Visit the “Seeing With New Eyes by Allison V Brown” exhibition of AVBrown Photography at @Elitist Coffee in South Orange, NJ. Contact info: allison@avbrown-photography.com, phone: (973) 953-4940 or web:


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