Jazz On Sloan at the South Orange Gazebo comes alive for the 9th season of the popular Downtown After Sundown Live Concert Series.


South Orange NJ opens it’s Very Popular 9th Season of Downtown after Sundown – Jazz On Sloan Live Concerts this Memorial Day Weekend. Performances start every Friday, Saturday and selected Special Sundays with the sounds of Jazz glistening the airways throughout the entire Downtown South Orange area.  This jazz series of events features an extensive mix of North Jersey’s top classic seasoned jazz musicians along with some of the best up and coming jazz artist in this Northern New Jersey, New York region.

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From a professional 20-piece Swing Town Big Band, Blue Note Jazz Recording Artists, Contemporary Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Dixieland Jazz, Latin Jazz and of course Mainstream Jazz artist to a co- recipient of a Jazz Fellowship Grant from the National Endowment of the Arts, you name it we got it.

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2018 season has Jazz across the generations from seasoned Grammy Award winning jazz professionals, semi-finalist at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival Solo Piano Competition in Switzerland, nationally acclaimed jazz performers and composers whose music has played to international audiences. Also this season is an  a young up and coming jazz piano prodigy who is a recipient of the 2017 Governor’s Award for “Exceptional Promise in Music”, recipient of two International Women in Jazz awards and also named the 2015 Hot House Fan Decision Awards Best Up and Coming Young Artist”.

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That’s right our South Orange Gazebo annual summer long free live concert series invites jazz music lovers to soak up some first-rate jazz hosted by jazz musicians that love what they do and love to do it for you.


Also, for those not directly connected to a band, for those free on a weekday or Sunday night, for those feeling the urge to perform, we have implemented a Friday or Saturday Jazz Jam, along with monthly Sunday Special Jazz performances where folks can come on thru and join in a special Sunday evening – 6 – 9 PM Jazz Jam hosted by several seasoned Jazz professionals.  So, check the schedule and Facebook pages for these special Jazz Jam performances.

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Overall our 2018 lineup of Downtown after Sundown – Jazz On Sloan performers have graced the stages of many prestigious local area venues such as The NJ State Theater, NJPAC, along with venues across the country from the Smithsonian, the Kennedy Center, The Kimmel Center, the Blue Note, Carnegie Hall, the Iridium, Kitano, SMOKE, Birdland, Jazz mobile, Smalls and more. They have played at numerous festivals around the country from San Diego, Texas, El Paso, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and many venues in between and they toured Germany, Italy and Japan and other venues around the world.  This 2018 seasons is shaping up to feature some of the best local and national professional jazz musicians in our area that are coming out to grace our intimate South Orange Gazebo with some top notch and intimate jazz performances. We urge you to come on out, get up close and personal and enjoy a night of jazz on us.

Events sponsored by the Village of South Orange in conjunction with the South Orange Village Center Alliance at the Jazz On Sloan and Sounds in Spiotta Park venues every Fri and Sat eve. The full calendar of summer events can be found here at http://www.sovillagecenter.org/pub/event/story/2281/. Tell a friend, grab a chair, bring a blanket, secure some food and come listen to some of the best Jazz performances in the North East.

Increase Your Nonprofits Visibility with your Live Music Events

To help clarify the purpose of your nonprofits mission and to elicit maximum support, membership should understand that every meeting or event that occurs in front of the public is important. Simply put it is a chance to get the word out and build support for your nonprofit’s causes. To help with that thinking, here are 12 reasons to always make the most of each event.


You can create awareness of your nonprofit’s causes. Most events offer the ability to do free advertising. Make the event an integral part of your annual advertising and marketing program.


 24 Houtrs of Music and the ArtBender Project

You never know who wants to contribute to your cause. Therefore always have a donation jar and a list of causes available and on display. You now have the ability to solicit donations and make all your events a fundraiser.



Events are a great opportunity to secure new members. All you need to do is leave your membership forms around. One potential member may read and agree to sign up and instantly your event just became a successful membership meeting.

Special Causes

Do you have a special need like a physical structure that requires community and neighborhood agreement? Develop a special handout and carry away piece that will inform neighbors about how they can support your cause. Make the marketing piece focused and distinguishable from your normal organization material so it is memorable.



When you educate the meeting participants, they usually appreciate it and will spread the word for your nonprofit group. This also helps your organization meet its community outreach goals.



 South Orange Village Trustee, Steve Schnall, announced the dates for the SouthNext festival in South Orange, NJ.

The media may never come to your nonprofit monthly meeting but will gladly come to an event. You invite and they write, which is great free publicity.


Build your nonprofit’s brand especially if you are being overshadowed by another group because another organization has a national or just larger profile, then an event should become a branding opportunity.

Community Relations

mcClures Harvest+Fest+flyer+2

Establish community relations and create a win-win situation. Meet your neighbors, partner with them and help support their causes.

Government Support

Most nonprofits need some form of local government support. An event helps you chat up local government officials who you may not come across during your local travels. Sometimes you may learn something you didn’t know and you can help sell your cause.


24 Hours of Music Festival

Build your community relations network by using your networking contacts. . An event brings in many people from many neighborhood organizations. Networking with all the other community groups will help strengthen your cause and build your nonprofit’s reputation.


When you attend grant training one of the line items that is clearly marked is, do you have community support? If your cause requires some level of community support, an event helps you gauge community interest and you can start to build a supportive group all in one place.

Advertising Dollars

An event raises your profile and demonstrates to store owners and business owners in town that you have an audience. They in turn will support your nonprofit with advertising dollars.

So there is no real meeting distinction when it comes to your nonprofit events. Yes there is an initial advertised purpose, but what you advertise versus what you accomplished is always up to you. So dream big and hope your local millionaire or some other philanthropic businessman walks into your event and says I love your cause – here is a 6 or 7 figure check!

Looking for additional ways to increase income and your nonprofit’s visibility? Gregory Burrus helps nonprofits increase income and visibility via internet marketing strategies and fundraising programs.

About the Author: Gregory Burrus is your Live Music Ambassador and is always Around Town.

Gregory Burrus is a local live music ambassador, event developer and community partner that develops, manages, promotes and documents local community events in the Greater New Jersey and New York area.

Gregory Burrus sits on a number of local boards, committees and serves as a Board Member of Maplewood Community Music and is also Vice President of the Northern New Jersey Blues Alliance,

Gregory curates and Promotes the South Orange Downtown After Sundown Live Music Concerts, the South Orange 24 Hours of Music Festival, the SOPAC Playing Around South Orange Music Initiative, the Maplewood 4th of Music Live Music Events, Newark’s Rutgers Jazz973 at Clements Place Jazz Series, the Orange NJ Valley Arts Music Programs, Creator of the South Orange Farmers Market Jazz Jam, along with booking bands at many other local venues.

Showcasing, photographing, videotaping events and happenings as they occur around town while living life every day to the fullest. Gregory Burrus Live Music Ambassador. http://gregoyburrus.me



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