Interview Pres. of Junior League Montclair-Newark by MHANJ to Help The Homeless

Creativity as Described by Psychology Today

Creativity encompasses the ability to discover new and original ideas, connections, and solutions to problems. It’s a part of our drive as humans—fostering resilience, sparking joy, and providing opportunities for self-actualization. An act of creativity can be grand and inspiring, such as crafting a beautiful painting or designing an innovative company. But an idea need not be artistic or world-changing to count as creative. Life requires daily acts of ingenuity and novel workarounds; in this sense, almost everyone possesses some amount of creativity.

I love this description by Psychology Today because whether you re a musician, an artist, homeless a working adult or a young mom, you never know where or when homelessness may hit. Some of us are fortunate and it never hits for others it came come at the most unexpected place or time. The Coronavirus pandemic that has been with us for almost a year now came out of nowhere and boom it hit each and everyone one of us across all industries and lifestyles.

Coronavirus Is Fostering Creativity

Covenant House NJ

Services out there like Covenant House NJ provide shelter, food, immediate crisis care, and an array of other services to homeless and runaway youth. I had written earlier about the annual Sleepout Fundraiser- Junior League Montclair-Newark Host Homeless 2021 Sleep Out: Montclair Community Edition where I described the effort to keep what is usually a physical Sleep-OUT event going. This event is important because Covenant House NJ teams up with many groups to help raise funds and hence depend on some very creative people to keep the mission alive.

However like life the Coronavirus does not equally affect all of us the same of course. It hit harder the Gig workers, the single moms living paycheck to paycheck, the many who lost their jobs and found themselves on the street and of course the already homeless. Many folks threw up the hands, stayed home, hid out and said I’ll just wait out the Pandemic. Others figured out what to do in the new normal.

Junior League of Montclair-Newark, Inc

One very enterprising, very focused creative group is the Jersey League of Montclair-Newark, Inc led by their President Heather E LeClair. Well I am extremely happy to provide an update on the activities and results of this extremely powerful effort that has led to a very successful fundraising effort. Fundraising outreach efforts included getting the word out and the JLMN was very proactive in using their social channels, along with news sites, press release announcements and of course audio and visual mediums.

Mental Health Association in New Jersey

The JLMN performed many activities and one effort was the when the Lynette Sheard, Director Mental Health Association in New Jersey interviewed the President Heather LeClair on the sleepout event and we shared the results all around our towns for wider exposure. We list below the parts of the interview as the fundraiser was successful but the message of helping the homeless does not stop and the message delivered still applies and lives on. l year long. Listen in to the energy, creativity and zeal behind the President of the Junior League and her passion in making this event a huge success to help those less fortunate.

Connecting the Dots Between Homelessness and the Young People in Our Communities.

In 31 cities across six countries, Covenant House builds bridges to hope for young people facing homelessness and survivors of human trafficking, meeting their immediate needs for food, clothing, protection, and medical care, and supporting them to advance their goals of education and employment.

Mental Health Association in NJ Discusses Mental Health Amidst a Pandemic for the Homeless and those in Foster Care.

Homeless youth and adolescents are at increased risk of a number of mood, behavioral, and mental health disorders. A study published in August 2019 by the Homelessness Policy Research Institute at the University of Southern California (USC) indicates that homeless youth and adolescents are at increased risk of developing several types of psychiatric disorders and/or risky behaviors. There is no expert consensus on whether the presence of mental health disorders is the result or cause of homelessness.

Why and What Is A Virtual SleepOut?

What is a Sleep Out? Sleep Outs are events that help Covenant House raise awareness about the problem of youth homelessness while raising critical funds needed to continue caring for the more than 3,000 homeless kids that come to Covenant House New Jersey (CHNJ) each year in crisis.

Why Todays Situation Affects Our Youth’s Mental Health?

Evidence suggests that youth experiencing homelessness exhibit disproportionately high rates of mental health conditions as compared to their housed peers, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, schizophrenia, suicidal contemplation, substance use, dissociative behavior, and conduct disorder (National Health Care for the …Aug 19, 2019

What Is Covenant House NJ Nancy Place?

Located in MontclairNancy’s Place provides single bedrooms for 8 young people, 24-hour support and supervision and individualized mental health treatment. Youth create a wellness plan addressing their physical, emotional, educational, employment, and spiritual goals.

What Does Aging Out Of Foster Care Mean?

When a child in foster care turns 18, or when they graduate from high school, whichever comes first, they are usually deemed to have aged out of foster care. This means that they are no longer in the foster care system and are now solely responsible for their well-being.

How Does Someone In Need Learn About Covenant House Services?

Outreach programs consist of ads, social media and good old fashion footwork to find and help the homeless. youth sleeping under bridges, in parks and more.

Well Success is Measured in The Results

As stated Covenant House NJ requires physical and financial resources to help the homeless, those in foster care and rely on individuals and groups to keep help them keep the mission of service alive and moving forward. Heather enlisted all of her resources, met with Covenant House NJ , talked with friends and family and the Junior League of Montclair-Newark made it happen by raising over a $117.000.

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