WHM2022 – Interview and Recapping Ife Basim’s Women’s History Month Celebrations

9 years ago, Ife Basim (Joy Topping-Mann) started a Women’s History Month Celebration because she felt that the accomplishments of many local women go unnoticed. Ife feels that bringing attention to these everyday heroes, applauding them for their excellence and recognizing them now helps build the bonds of sisterhood. By staying true to the mission, the annual WHM event has become a vehicle that encourages and helps women unite, share their gifts, talents, accomplishments and the event also motivates the young and old to share their gifts with the world. 

Also in today’s environment we also figure why not applaud these local important figures while they can still appreciate it. Recent events like the worldwide pandemic clearly pointed out the need to use time wisely and appreciate eac=h other even more.  We are all still adjusting to our “new normal” world and true to form WHM switched from all in person in 2019, to all online in 2020 and now in 2021 our new normal is a hybrid approach for 2022. The message and objective has not changed, which is to get the word out that we have all made it this far through the many challenges of the pandemic and we are still here. Ife Basim’s WHM platform is now in it’s 9th year and these events continue to grow our spirit. 

Today in part 1 we take a look back over the years and understand the WHM spirit as we prepare for WHM2022.  We talk with the founder and gain a first hand view of WHM’s past and a little bit about its future.  Take a listen. 

Interview with Ife Basim Founder of Ife Baisim WHM Events by Lynette Sheard

Gregory Burrus Productions Interviewer, Lynette Sheard, Singer Interviews Founder Ife Basim on the History of Women’s History Month Celebrations.

Through the Years of Ife Basim’s Womens’ History Months’ Events

Reflecting upon the 9 years of WHM events, we discuss the highlights of the first 8 years, view the beautiful poster artwork, who performed with links to all the fun we had.     


1st Annual Women’s History Month Celebration

Year 2014 

Date: March 7, 2014

Theme: “Women in Jazz”

Featured vocalists: Jackie Jones and Cynthia Holiday 

Special Tribute: Amira Baraka, Yvette Glover, Denise McCoy, Barbara Kukla, wrote The Encyclopedia of Newark Jazz and Dorthaan Kirk, NEA Jazz Master and Newark’s First Lady of Jazz.

Live Music: Girl Talk Jam Session

Review more – a taste of 2014



2nd Annual Women’s History Month Celebration

Year: 2015 

Date: March 13, 2015

Theme: Weaving the Stories of Women’s Lives”

Featured Vocalists: Joy Elaine and Jacque Harmon Johnson 

Special Tributes: Kathy L. Spivey, Inez McClendon, Jaklyn DeVore

And Gwen Moten, ED, Mayor’s Office of Arts, Cultural Development and Tourism 

Live Music: Brandon McCune, Vince Ector, Calvin Jones

Review more – a taste of 2015

20150303 2nd Annual Womens History Month – Gregory Burrus Around Town


3rd Annual Women’s History Month Celebration

Year: 2016 

The Date: March 11, 2016

Theme:  “Her Story”

Featured Vocalists Joy Elaine, Patricia Walton, Joy F Brown, PJ Parker, Phyllis Blandford and and Omisanye Karade 

Special : Vendors and After Party

Live Music:  

Review more – a taste of 2016



4th Annual Women’s History Month Celebration

Year: 2017

Date: March 31, 2017

Theme: “Protect Your Peace”

Featured Vocalists: Phyllis Blandford, Lynette Sheard, Patricia Walton, Jackie Gilliam,

Special: Vendors  – Dance : Dana F. Hawkins 

Live Music:  Brianne Ford, Kim Clarke, Whisper McCray, Sheryl Bailey, Debra Kreisberg

Review more – a taste of 2017 



5th Annual Women’s History Month Celebration

Year: 2018

Date: March 30, 2018

Theme:  “I’m Every Woman”

Featured Vocalists Joy Elaine, Patricia Walton, Joy F Brown, PJ Parker, Phyllis Blandford and and Omisanye Karade 

Special Acts:  “I’m Every Woman” program Ad booklet, a donation to Sierra House, a safe haven for at-risk youth and young adult women and Sierra House Representative Marcia Dash, Beautiful balloon stilettos by the Balloon Lady Jacqueline Harmon Johnson, Dwight West and @Anthony Avent, James (A-Natural) tribute song Diaspora 

to African American, Gregory Burrus Around Town for your fabulous photography, support, wisdom, direction, promotions, Ami Brabson of “Phenomenal Women” & DrStephanie D.Burroughs Inspirational Speaker/ Trainer/ Business & Thought Therapy Coach, Artist Cathleen McCoy Bristol and Nettie Forman. Hosted by Norman Mann

Live Music: MPACK Music Clarence Conover, Brett Caulder, Joe Scarpetto, PatriciaWalton 

Review more – a taste of 2018

2018 5th-Annual-Womens-History-Month-Celebration – Gregory Burrus Around Town


6th Annual Women’s History Month Celebration

Year: 2019

Date: March 1, 2019

Theme:  “Representation Matters”

Featured Vocalist: Daria Jones

Special Activities:  Hosted by Celeste Bateman, Casual Wear and Islamic designs by Shadiyah Cobbertt-Hutchinson, “Women Who Matter” were acknowledged for their outstanding achievements, Dramatic reading of an original play, “Storms Weathered”…. written by Ife Basim, Supported victims of domestic abuse, “Women Who Batter”

Live Music: Daria Jones Band

Review more – a taste of 2019



7th Annual Women’s History Month Celebration

Year: 2020

Date: March 1, 2020

Theme:  “Living Life on Purpose”

Featured Vocalists:  Sheba Jordan

Special :  The 7th Annual Women’s History Month Celebration (WHM2020) will be dedicated to the memory of the unforgettable Yvette Glover. Skits on Mental Health Awareness will be performed by the ‘Mental Health Players’ directed by Lynette Sheard. Mental Health Players – Lynette Sheard, Yvette Glover, Joy Elaine, Phyliis Blandford, Patricia Walton, Jacquelyn Harmond Johnson. Zakiyyah Zaimah, Omisanya Karade. 

Live Music: Clarence Conover, Eddie Belton, Norman Mann, Larry Greenberg, sittin in James Gibbs and Guitar Player

We will also pay special tribute to a woman who exemplifies Living Life on Purpose.

Review more – a taste of 2020



8th Annual Women’s History Month Celebration

Year: 2021

Date: March 26, 2021

Theme: Refresh in Progress” (Covid -19 Pandemic Live -streamed).

Featured Vocalists: Joy Topping Man, Zakiyyah Zaimah, Phlyllis  Blanford and Patricia Walton

Special Performers: Comedian Tonya Agosto, Author Phyllis Vivens Hudson, ED readings from her book of recovery “Flying on Broken Wings

Live Music: Pianist Brandon McCune

You can watch the “Refresh in Progress” show on:

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ifebasimproductions

Web at http://ifebasim.tv

Review more – a taste of 2021 


And coming soon 2022 9th Annual Women’s History Month Celebration

We hope you come join us Friday March 4th and have some fun with us.

9th Annual Women’s History Month Celebration

Year: 2022

Date: March 4, 2022

Theme:  “Just Us. Just Music”

Featured Vocalists: Joy Mann, Patricia Walton, Phyllis Blandford and and Omisanye Karade 

Special Venue:  At the Cricket Club Entertainment Center

Live Music: Caylen Bryant, Iyonna Herbert, Lee Odom, Kate Cosco

We hope you can join us. 

Meet Your Producer Joy Topping-Mann (aka Ife Basim)

Support Us GoFundme: http://ifebasimmasterpieces.com

Stay tuned right here for part 2 as we review the event plus provide details on the performers and the new venue which we are very excited about. Check back for interview details – https://www.jerseyindie.com/ji-blogger-gregory-burrus  

About the Author Gregory Burrus

Gregory Burrus is a local live music ambassador, producer, promoter, event planner, and community partner. Gregory Burrus combines his extensive corporate business and technology expertise with his love of live music and being a strong community advocate. 

I love writing about it all. My mission is to help community groups, live music bands, and local nonprofits, reach their goals and accomplish their missions while enjoying the day-to-day process of life. 



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