Discussion on Dismantling the Stigma Associated with Black Womens Mental Health

During challenging times, the topic of mental health and wellness moves to the forefront of many people’s minds. However, this does not always mean that people who need mental health care will have access to it. In fact, some of the communities who are currently being hit hardest by events like the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement are statistically the least likely to receive quality mental health services.

The well-being of Black women across the globe is at stake. Black women participate in demanding labor while both experiencing and challenging oppressive systems. For Black Women there is often a silent struggle that goes unnoticed. It is veiled by an appearance of unwavering strength, endurance, and resilience. Black woman’s narrative shares an experience of wearing a mask, while keeping depressive episodes at bay.

Please join us for a free intergenerational discussion on Black Women Mental Health and more. Please visit Eventbrite for more info at https://bit.ly/notsuperwomen

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