An Unforgettable Experience: Oleta Adams & Maysa Deliver a High Energy Soulful Smooth Jazz Performance in NJ

Oleta Adams and Maysa

We experienced an unforgettable performance from Two Ladies of Soul: Starring four-time Grammy nominee Oleta Adams and two-time Grammy nominee Maysa on Sat Oct 8th, 2023 at the historic Union County Performing Art Center. I previously reviewed both artists as they individually performed at sold out shows at The Woodland in Maplewood last year. Now they would be headlining at UCPAC, a fully restored 1930’s gem of a theater located in Rahway. This event was produced by Smooth Jazz NJ producer Rich Engel and true to form for his Smooth Jazz NJ events, it was an outstanding and very well attended event.

The combination of these two performers proved to be an incredible hit and a show that surpassed all expectations. With over 800 people showing up to express their adoration, it spoke volumes about their undeniable talent and immense popularity. So let’s take beautiful walk through what happened at this incredible performance..

Oleta Adams in Two Ladies of Soul

Oleta Adams in Two Ladies of Soul

One of the great things about Oleta Adams whom I absolutely adore is every time she sings, her voice and demeanor take you back to when it originally occurred. It’s like magic or as attendee AJ Alban stated: “Revered darling Ms. Oleta Adams had the house eating out of her hand as her vocals were crystal clear & sounded amazingly like every single record she sings on.” And I agree, that is clearly one of the beauties of Oleta, she can take you back in time with just her voice.

Attendee Teresa Ware stated: Two Phenomenal “Ladies of Soul ” took the stage last night at UCPAC. The Beautiful 4 time Grammy Nominee Oleta Adams tickled the keys as she sang one beautiful song after another and closed out with everyone’s favorite song “Get Here”.  

As a devoted follower of Oleta Adams, I had the incredible opportunity to meet her backstage. During our conversation, I expressed my anticipation to hear her iconic song, “Get Here.” As she walked away, she assured me, “Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered on ‘Get Here’.” True to her word, every song she performed evoked powerful memories for the audience, resulting in a chorus of voices singing along throughout the auditorium. When she concluded the first set with “Get Here,” the impact of her voice brought tears to the eyes of those near me, and the entire audience erupted into a well-deserved standing ovation.

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Maysa in Two Ladies of Soul

Maysa in Two Ladies of Soul

Another excited attendee that I interviewed added: “Two Time Grammy Nominee Maysa took the stage and sang hit after hit from her newly released album “Music For Your Soul”.  She had the crowd dancing & singing with a few favorite oldies. We had an awesome evening of Soul Music ” , Teresa Ware. 

When you see Maysa in action she is as people say: the kind of singer who takes hold of a song and captures her audience in the palm of her hands. One of the best ways to describe the anticipation and excitement associated with Maysa for this event came from attendee AJ Alban: “She kicked it off with one of her own tunes, then that morphed into a mega mashup mix as they ran through like 15 jams non-stop the way a DJ would mix from one party song to the next. It Was Pure Fire!!! Everything from Cameo, to Pleasure, to Ohio Players, to Parliament Funkadelic, to club bangers, & beyond as she had us eating out of her hand making half the venue jump up to start dancing in their seats.”

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Happy Attendees at Two Ladies of Soul: Oleta Adams & Maysa

Happy Attendees at 2 Ladies f Soul Oleta adams and Maysa.jpg

Thank You: It was One of the Greatest Concerts that I’ve Attended in Years @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@”  Regards Ray

Smooth Jazz Nj Performances at UCPAC

Thanks to Rich Engel’s exceptional skills in organizing events like this in Northern NJ, attendees eagerly lined up early and celebrated non-stop throughout the night. People were fully engaged and chose to stay later just to savor the moment and bask in the lingering brilliance of these Two Ladies of Soul.

The venue was superb, with the UCPAC staff being extremely helpful whenever possible. Access to the location was convenient, and parking was provided in multiple areas. Oleta Adams & Maysa proved to be down-to-earth individuals, and their bands exceeded expectations. It’s exciting to anticipate what Rich Engel and Smooth Jazz NJ have in store for us next.

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